1969 Honda CB750

Sandcast #410

An Early Sandcast

Rumored to be the first CB750 sold in Louisiana, sandcast #410 (engine #436) was likely made in the first month of production. The owner passed away not long after buying the bike and so it sat for the next 44 years until I found it with the help of a fellow CB750 fan. It was only when I finally got the bike in my shop the I began to realize what I had in front of me...

The engine number.

Rescue or Restore?

Under all of the corrosion and grime, there was beautiful paint, a nice seat and near-pristine instruments. The more I looked, the more parts I found that were in good or great condition. Even some of the chrome was in great shape. The new plan: rescue as much of the bike as possible and restore the rest.

A 19 liter tank with original paint beautiful instruments

Ultra Rare Parts

Not all sandcasts are equal! The early bikes have some extremely rare parts that are near-impossible to find. Perhaps because this bike sat unused for so long, I was elated to find all the rare stuff intact like the all-rubber oil hoses, “28” carb caps, “lotus roots” exhaust, 19 liter tank, pointerless kill switch and thin-lip alternator cover.

  • The engine was rough, but it was all there right down to every original bolt!
  • Smooth oil lines: only found on the very early sandcasts.
  • The thin-lip alternator cover. Can you spot the currosion? :)
  • The back of the front brake shows the rare texture on the brake bolts.
  • The pointerless kill switch. Shown after restorating.
  • It looks rough, but the original round oil filter cover had no cracks. Amazing!

Original Candy Blue–Green Paint

Under all that dirt and grime was beautiful original paint. An early sandcast is a special bike. An early sandcast with original paint is remarkable. The candy blue–green paint is one of my all–time favorite colors. Photographs rarely do it justice!

Original Candy Blue Green Paint

Anatomy of a Sandcast Poster

When I set out to restore this bike, I knew I wanted to photograph it in a new way. I slowly restored or rescued each part individually and didnt reassemble them. I placed (almost) every part on a white canvas in a friend's barn and captured this image with the help of my friend Paulo Lopez. Click here to read the full story of the poster and buy your copy!

Motorcycle Classics September/October 2015 Page 58

Motorcycle Classics and Vintage Motorsport Magazines

After showing the bike at the 2015 Quail Motorcycle Gathering, the bike was featured in two great magazines! Cool!

Motorcycle Classics September/October 2015 Page 58