Anatomy of a CB750 Sandcast Poster

There is no shortage of classic CB750 sandcast photographs. When I began restoring sandcast #410, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: picture one of the most historically important motorcycles of the 20th century in a way that few had ever seen. Sandcast #410 was the perfect bike to achieve this with. It had original paint and rare early parts. But this restoration would require a different approach…

The 19l tank

A Different Restoration Process

During a more typical restoration, I will restore parts of the bike and slowly reassemble. Knowing that I wanted to capture every part of the bike prior to assembly meant that I needed to carefully store each part instead. This sounds simple, but it takes up a lot of space and requires a bit more planning.

The engine.

Setting Up

Photographing every part of a classic CB750 sandcast takes two things: a large white canvas and a really big room. Fortunately, a friend allowed me the use of their barn! Together with my good friend Paulo Lopez, we set up the stage and slowly placed everything on the canvas. This takes a lot more time than you might think! Paulo had the forethought to set up a camera to capture the process.

The Photo

After getting everything set up in a way we liked and playing with lighting, we captured the photo that I had been dreaming about for months. Not long after taking the photo, the bike was assembled and went to its first show. Placing this photo next to it got a lot of attention and requests to buy a copy of the poster.

The poster.

Want a Poster?

You can buy a 36inch by 24inch poster beautifully printed on glossy paper. Posters cost $25 USD and I ship all over the world. Shipping is $10 USD to the USA, $15 USD to Canada/Mexico and $22 USD to the rest of the world.Email me to buy a poster!